Hello Patreon Family, 

I wanted to share the official link to the webinar, Anti-bias Education at Home. The Mom Project contracted me to chat with their member-based community about anti-bias/anti-racist caretaking and  I couldn’t say, “yes,” fast enough. 

The above link is for you to access the original content including the live chat. Please feel free to share it in your circles crediting both The Mom Project and me. 

But I really wanted to send a big thank you to those who could make it to root for me and supported the chatbox. I went back to look through comments and to see so many of your names signing on, typing, “rooting for you,” and helping those newer to this work made my heart swell. 

I also wanted to share the book that I referenced (if I forgot one please let me know) and some suggested materials, too. 

Rooting For You, 



Don’t Look Away, Embracing Anti-bias Education 

Anti-bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves 

Ana & Andrew (set of 4)  

Different Differenter  


Skin tone construction paper  

Skin tones crayons