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The annual Montessori for Social Justice (MSJ) Conference registration is open. I’ve attended the conference every year since 2017 and it is by far my favorite conference. 

This conference centers on the experiences and stories of People of Color. In Houston, we participated in the CrossRoads Anti-Racist training which propelled me into anti-bias/anti-racism work. I learned the term, People of the Global Majority, as a way to de-center whiteness as the norm and also the characteristics of white supremacy culture. It was also my first-time listening to Tiffany Jewell present 😊 

In St.Paul, I listened and learned from Samuel Simmons, discuss intergenerational trauma/ His slide about compassionate accountability stuck with me the most: 

Some people we relate to and others we don’t even or even repulse us. Doing what is easy can have consequences like…

Compassion without accountability can encourage chaos 

Accountability without compassion, complacent, self-satisfying 

Swing back and forth, we are not consistent, fair or clear 

Strive for- Compassionate Accountability: helps us seek truth, understanding, forgiveness, justice, humility and leave others empowered without blame and excuses  

Last year in Portland, I listened and learned from Ashley Speed, Corey Jo, Czarina Jimenez, and Dr. Kira Banks! All presentations were 🔥

But I only have notes from Ashley and Corey’s because I thought I was recording the other two presentations, here is just a few of the notes I took during their workshop

Let’s Talk About Sex 

  • Have children name the parts of the reproductive system especially the vulva + penis
  • Ask, “What do I call that”
  • What are the boundaries I have for my body? How do I help learners cultivate agency over their bodies? Creative + collaborative consent— “consent is a constant conversation not just about who touches who” -Corey because ultimately it’s shared power. 
  • Practice saying, “Thanks for communicating boundaries” or “thank you for respecting your boundaries.”
  • C is for consent the book is missing a section where he never had to hear no 
  • Rethink health body autonomy + agency 

I really hope you can join us and if you are a Person of the Global Majority and need financial support to attend, here is the link for the scholarship (remember no shame in asking for support especially when an economic system was and is built on our backs!). 

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