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anti-bias education

Britt Hawthorne provides anti-bias education for school administrators, teachers, and other educators to create equitable learning environments for students from preschool to high school.

If you are a school leader interested in expanding your knowledge of anti-bias teaching and antiracism, you are in the right place!

Educators have a special responsibility to create culturally supportive learning environments for the learners they work with every day. It can be difficult to know where to start when addressing your personal bias, not to mention noticing and correcting the bias as it begins to form in young children. Britt helps educators, like yourself, looking for guidance in how to foster strong, supportive relationships in the classroom.

build your anti-bias and antiracist classroom

How can we, as educators, transform our learning spaces into supportive, unbiased environments for learners of all ages? Anti-bias education focuses on creating a learning environment equitable for every facet of human difference—including race, ability, learning styles, culture, family structure, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and age. Learn how to make your classroom more inclusive, unbiased, and inviting to differences.

Anti-bias education empowers young learners to build confidence through establishing strong self-identities, develop critical thinking skills, and foster empathy for their classmates.

School Partnerships
Britt’s Workshops for Educators

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create a brave classroom: anti-bias
and antiracism in action

Not sure where to start? Need a roadmap for creating a classroom that centers on anti-bias and antiracism? Let’s start with having critical conversations with each other, building more useful classroom libraries, and making a plan. This in-person or virtual workshop will support educators to have a shared language, create conversation agreements, unpack internal biases, and move in the right direction. Each workshop is completely customizable to meet your school’s needs. Each workshop includes access to on-demand webinars to keep the work moving forward. This workshop offers educators structure and support to integrate ABAR into their classrooms. 

start to build your roadmap by choosing 1 to 2 focus areas:
  • Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive classroom climate 
  • Develop critical conversation agreements
  • Respond to parent’s questions and concerns about ABAR education (antibias and antiracism)
  • Systematize ABAR practices in the classroom
  • Use teaching materials to teach accurate language and respectful curiosity 
  • Create a crisis management plan to respond to prejudice and hate
  • Create a justice-centered curriculum 
  • Learn how to build a social justice book collection
The Details:

Full-day or Half-day Workshops  
In-person or Virtual sessions
Completely Customizable 

Investment starts at 10K

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Praise for Creating a brave space

Britt is such a powerful human being. Her authenticity and experiences inspire our souls. Thank you!

Raquel Pasian
Praise for creating a brave space

I highly recommend this training for any educator who would like to learn more about what it means to create an anti-bias and anti-racist classroom. Our initial training was thought-provoking and engaging and I’m looking forward to learning more from Britt

Kelly Dresser
Praise for creating a brave space

This is one of the best ABAR training I have been able to be part of. Thank you so much for having the conversations and the examples that allow us to learn and grow.

Katie Tilton
Praise for creating a brave space

Britt is such a powerful human being. Her authenticity and experiences inspire our souls. Thank you !!

Raquel Pasian
Praise for creating a brave space

Britt Hawthorne is a dedicated ABAR Montessori practitioner who aligns her facilitation style with the content she delivers to both share and model ABAR lesson design and curation. Britt is an incredible storyteller, and shares lived experiences that directly align with her teaching points, and she is able to hold space for growth and responsibility. I want to be a part of anything Britt is creating or building in community. She is doing the work on so many levels, and invites us in as educators with grace.

Laura Patterson

anti-bias education for families:
how to create brave spaces at home

Do you want to learn how to create unbiased home environments for your children? This in-person workshop is designed for schools or private communities interested in delving into anti-bias education at home, whether they are new to the topic or have already begun the work.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Create a home environment that will affirm your child
  • Understand the four goals of creating an antiracist and anti-bias home environment
  • Understand key stages in identity development
  • Respond to pre-prejudice
  • Work as a family toward justice

Book Here

Praise for Anti-Bias For Families

“I have attended the anti-bias at home webinar by Britt twice now and consider it essential viewing for everyone – it’s something you can work on, reflect on and then return to. Britt is great at getting you to slow down and take note of your experiences and history with racism and prejudice and work you can do. Well-meaning parents often want to make their kids fix racism but here we recognize the work starts with us. It is an amazing starting point with practical tips and explanations. “

Parent of a 1 & 4 Year Old
Praise for Anti-Bias For Families

“Her practical guidance not only corrects common misconceptions about how these delicate issues should be addressed …… her advice is helpful for both  “bigger” situations and in day-to-day parenting.  Absolutely an invaluable resource to parents!”

Parent of a Pre-K Student
Praise for Anti-Bias For Families

“I learned more in my first 15 minutes with Britt ……….than I have in almost a decade of being a parent………I’m so excited (and reassured!) to have these new tools in my parenting toolbox!”

Parent of a 5th Grader & Kindergartner

introduction to anti-bias education

Never received formal training in cultural humility and racial justice? Most of us never have. This self-timed online course will help you move from ignoring and avoiding critical conversations about bias to taking action.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Examine your teaching practice to uplift all learners and their many identities
  • Identify and respond to pre-prejudice in a developmentally appropriate way
  • Support honest conversations about unfairness and racism in your classroom
  • Respond to colorblindness
  • Teach Indigenous History
  • Share the four goals of anti-bias education for children and adults with your community
  • Understand the key differences between brave and safe spaces
  • Understand the key ages and stages for identity development and the tools to support healthy growth
By the Numbers:

5 hours of videos and coursework


Praise for Introduction To Anti-Bias Education

This is an excellent, in-depth resource for teachers to become better able to address bias in the classroom. The tone is helpful and caring and a wealth of additional resources – books, websites – are recommended for teachers to further their own self-education.

Will Branch
Praise for Introduction To Anti-Bias Education

This course was amazing and gave me concrete tools that I can use to address bias in my school and in the world.

Jennifer McCullough
Praise for Introduction To Anti-Bias Education

This introduction to anti-bias education is a necessary next step towards true equity in Montessori. I feel well equipped to move forward in my personal and professional journey in becoming anti-bias.

Ashley Petry
Praise for Introduction To Anti-Bias Education

The Introduction to Anti-bias Education workshop is an essential step in working toward an environment where all children see themselves, can be themselves and learn about the world around them.

Malina Brown

Children need to know people of the global majority come from a place of power before learning about the oppression the communities experience.

— Britt Hawthorne

building an anti-bias book collection

Interested in designing an unbiased classroom library for your students? This self-timed online course will empower you to build your anti-bias book collection to affirm your learners’ stories, experiences, and identities and also be a window that shows the learners multiple perspectives, different experiences, and diverse identities.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Confidently curate your own antiracist book collection
  • Critically choose the right books for your classroom
  • Differentiate between affirming books and harmful stories
  • Use books as antiracist tools

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Britt’s Resources for Educators

To become antiracist, you need to understand how racism exists in every part of American society—your classroom or household included. Britt can give you the tools to unpack, confront, and take accountability for the ways we perpetuate systems of oppression without being aware of it.

books & other resources

Britt intentionally offers a low-cost method that allows the maximum number of people to have financially accessible anti-bias and antiracism resources. When more people have access to these resources, we all benefit by living in a more equitable and just society.

See Britt’s Resources

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Raising inclusive, antiracist children is a noble goal for any parent, caregiver, or educator—start with this book.

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