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want to raise an antiracist child?
learn antiracist parenting

Let’s make some magic today—starting with
raising a generation of antiracist children.

Interested in raising an antiracist child, but struggling with how to begin? Need the resources, tools, education, and practice to get it “right”? Parenting is hard enough as is; don’t try to do it all on your own. Antiracist and anti-bias educator Britt Hawthorne has worked with families around the world to transform their understanding of antiracist parenting, creating an inclusive community of families rooting for each other.

Through anti-bias and antiracism workshops designed specifically for parents, we can and will build a generation of antiracist children. Let’s get to it.

The goal is not perfection, the goal is community.

Parenting is a deeply communal act. We don’t parent alone, we don’t grow alone. We grow by being in community with one another.

— Britt Hawthorne

it takes an antiracist village

As a mother of two, Britt Hawthorne knows the challenges of raising children, but especially the challenges of raising antiracist children in a white-dominated world. It doesn’t have to be a daunting process, and it doesn’t have to feel like work either. Britt helps families of the global majority and families with white privilege grapple with the questions, gain the understanding, and ultimately empower themselves to be drivers of change in their households, and in their larger communities. Through antiracist parenting, gain the tools to analyze situations and know what to do next.

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raising antiracist children

Raising AntiRacist Children: A Practical Parenting Guide guides people on their journey in raising antiracist children and the world of antiracist parenting. Discover ways to respond when your children perpetuate systems of oppression and practice new language and teachings with a community of antiracist families. Planned for release in 2022.

I still can’t believe I’m writing the book I needed 14 years ago. The one I wished my parents had. The book I’ve dreamt about writing: a parenting book about raising antiracist children.

—Britt Hawthorne

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AntiRacist Parenting Workshops

how to raise antiracist children

Are you committed to building an antiracist family environment for your children? This self-paced, 12-month course will help you on your journey. Take the online course at your own pace, while meeting with Britt Hawthorne and other antiracist families in a Q&A format every other week. In live online meetings, talk through the course material, have your questions answered, and unpack with the help of other families in the learning process as well.

As in all her workshops, Britt centers people of the global majority, taking special attention to help white-passing, white-presenting, and white folks become aware of the space they take up and ensure they are being mindful that they are not re-traumatizing families of the global majority.

People of the global majority: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color represent over 80% of the world’s population. We use “people of the global majority” to decenter whiteness and center the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Create an antiracist and anti-bias home environment that will affirm your child
  • Comfortably discuss diversity, race, and racism with your children
  • Support your children with developmentally appropriate activities
  • Resist colorblind thinking
  • Identify and disrupt stereotypes
  • Distinguish between your child’s prejudice and curiosity; determine how to respond accordingly
  • Understand how negative bias develops
  • Speak the language of justice and inclusion
  • Work as a family toward justice

This space will be intentional in centering folks of the global majority. If your family identifies as a family of the Global Majority, Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Latinx, and does not experience white privilege/passing feel empowered to access one of the FREE spots reserved for People of the Global Majority. There is no application or questions to answer. We trust you know what you need. More details to come.

Get Notified When It’s Ready Psst, sometime in 2023.

Praise for Anti-Bias Education for Families

Britt was a dynamic and engaging speaker. I found her style completely relatable and her presentation thought provoking and informative.

Christen Flack Behzadi,
MDParent of a 5 year old
Praise for Anti-Bias Education for Families

I have attended the anti-bias at home webinar by Britt twice now and consider it essential viewing for everyone – it’s something you can work on, reflect on and then return to.

Emily Lockwood,
Parent of 1 and 4 yr olds
Praise for Anti-Bias Education for Families

Britt’s practical guidance not only corrects common misconceptions about how these delicate issues should be addressed. Her advice is helpful for both “bigger” situations and in day-to-day parenting. – Absolutely an invaluable resource to parents!

Parent of Kindergarten and PreK Child

Raising inclusive, antiracist children is a noble goal for any parent, caregiver, or educator—start with this book.

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