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5 Gen Z Activists To Follow on TikTok

Person holding an iPhone with the TikTok app open. Discover 5 Gen Z activists with Britt Hawthorne. Photo: Solen Feyissa.

Growing up with social media is no joke, and has brought its share of challenges for Generation Z (Gen Z), including the potential for isolation and a mental health crisis. But the flipside of Gen Z’s widespread social media use is their unique ability to connect and organize for activism, leveraging the power of platforms like TikTok to quickly disseminate information in ways unimaginable before the advent of smartphones. While it’s important always to stay cognizant of the dangers of spreading false information online, we need to celebrate the work Gen Z activists are doing to inspire change. From African American history you aren’t taught in school to racial justice analyses of popular culture, these Gen Z activists create highly informative and easily shareable tools for social justice. Keep reading to meet 5 Gen Z activists of antiracism to follow on TikTok.

Gen Z Activism and Anti-Racism on TikTok

Gen Z members (those born roughly between the years 1997 and 2012) are known for their passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society. TikTok, a short-form video platform, has become a central hub for Gen Z activists to engage with a wide audience, educate, and mobilize for social change. Through compelling videos, conversations, and creative content, these activists address systemic racism, promote diversity, and challenge discriminatory attitudes. Their content often goes viral, sparking conversations, and pushing for meaningful change in society. Keep reading to learn about 5 inspiring Gen Z activists who are using TikTok as a platform to advance the cause of antiracism.

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5 Gen Z Activists for Antiracism

1. Kahlil Greene @kahlilgreene


Known to many as the “Gen Z Historian,” Kahlil Greene (23) has over 625K followers on TikTok, sharing videos about US history and politics. His 15-part hidden history series highlights different African-American historical events and injustices that most people don’t know about. He also shares content on topics such as Why There Can’t Be a White Tiana or Non-Whitewashed Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes.

Follow here: @kahlilgreene

2. Sofia Ongele @sewpheeyuh


Sofia Ongele (21) is a developer, student, innovator, and activist. At only 17, she created an award-winning app ReDawn, dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence. Today, Sofia is the Digital Strategist at Gen-Z for Change, where she engineers tools to streamline digital civic engagement. On TikTok, Sofia shares her digital creations, personal experiences, and sociopolitical perspectives with her nearly 300K followers.

Follow here: @sewpheeyuh

3. Lynae Vanee @lynaevanee


Lynae Vanee (25) is a content creator, performer, poet, and writer. Her tagline, “I’ma keep it Black, but I’ma keep it brief,” encapsulates her unique style of news delivery on TikTok that not only centers Black voices but also delivers information concisely to her over 480K followers. With a master’s in African American studies, Lyanae is dedicated to preserving and amplifying Black stories with historical accuracy.

Follow here: @lynaevanee

4. Nick Courmon @ndcpoetry


Nick Courmon (26) is an acclaimed international poet, motivational speaker, and spoken word artist. With over 120K followers on TikTok, Nick shares his poems that tackle topics like What You Weren’t Taught About Josephine Baker, Affirmative Action, and Juneteenth. His work uses poetry to advocate for social justice.

Follow here: @ndcpoetry

5. Taylor Cassidy @taylorcassidyj


Taylor Cassidy (20) is an antiracism educator and TikToker best known for her series “Fast Black History.” With over 2.2 million TikTok followers, her videos on subjects ranging from Facts About Malcolm X You Missed, The 600-Mile Man, and The Dorothy Dandridge Story quickly and accurately share antiracism information.

Follow here: @taylorcassidyj

Should You Download TikTok?

If you don’t already use TikTok, the question of whether you should download the app is loaded. Scores of people lament the platform’s unique ability to source videos that keep you hooked to the screen for hours. And even if the addicting content is riveting, there does come a time when you need to put the phone down and rejoin in-person activities.

If you’re raising antiracist children, it’s an almost inevitable reality that your children will be on TikTok. Encourage your children to engage with Gen Z activists online to deepen the learning they are doing at school and home. There are many ways to learn about antiracism, TikTok is one of many useful tools, for reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, attending talks or workshops, and more.

Through their compelling videos and creative content, these Gen Z activists address systemic racism, promote diversity, and challenge prejudice, often sparking vital conversations and pushing for tangible progress in our society. And for that, I’d say downloading TikTok can be great. As always, I’m rooting for you as we build an antiracist world together.

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